SODOKU – Cut your Name (Behindtheveil review)


I tried to find information on this band and their six-track EP, but I couldn’t so I guess we’re dealing here with a new coming band that most probably originates from Russia.

I deduced that much from the fact that all the lyrics and song titles are in Russian, something which means that I can’t offer any information regarding the topics SODOKU are interested in. So, let’s leave all this aside and let’s focus on the music part of this EP that dwells in the modern melodic death metal genre. What do I mean with this? I mean that the songs balance between their extreme and their melodic moments, whilst quite often they are enriched with keyboards and a few electronic parts. The influence that the Gothenburg scene has on them is obvious, so you’ll listen to aggressive riffs, heavy rhythms and passionate growls being mixed with dark atmospheres, bleak melodies and some clean vocals. The tempos are mainly fast and intense, but some more mid paced parts also make their appearance to keep things interesting. Like I said, however, “Cut your Name” also has some keyboard and electronic parts, a fact that brought to my mind the great Japanese band BLOOD STAIN CHILD and the latest SOILWORK albums. If the language isn’t an obstacle for you and you dig the modern melodic death metal sound, SODOKU have something good going on.

Christine  Parastatidou


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